Green Family Art

Creating art from wildlife, landscape, seascapes, figurative to abstract.


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Green Family Art comprises a family of Artists interested in creating art from wildlife, landscape, seascapes, figurative to abstract.

Richard Green

Richard enjoys painting in oils and learnt much from his mother, Sydney Artist Susanne Green. His interest is in depicting art that displays the geological landscape of bushland areas, rural farmland to rivers and the coast. 

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Astrid Green

Astrid is a watercolour artist who enjoys painting birds of Australia. She grew up in a village in Germany known across Europe for their traditional artists and migrated to Australia many years ago, when she met her husband Richard. 

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Annabel Green

Annabel (22 years) is extremely passionate about protecting the environment and wishes to use her art as a means to spread awareness of threatened and endangered species, with a particular interest in Australian wildlife.

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Julia Green

Julia (25 years) enjoys pastel and pencil drawing, however she is well acquainted with a number of other art mediums including acrylic and charcoal. 

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Susanne Green

Susanne Green (1939 – 2015) was a very well know Sydney oil painting artist known for her exceptional Australian landscapes and historic towns.  Susanne held both joint and solo exhibitions across Sydney and her art has been sold to collectors across Australia and in Europe and America. Susanne was a great artistic inspiration to her sons, especially Richard, who she taught the technique of painting in oils.

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