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Creating art from wildlife, landscape, seascapes, figurative to abstract.


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Astrid Green

Astrid Green

I grew up in regional Germany, in a small village along the fairy tale road, which is known as the oldest artist colony in Germany. Historically, the Grimm Brother’s mingled with the local Baron who appreciated the fine arts. Writers and painters flocked to the village over time to collect stories and paint the beautiful landscape and people in their traditional costumes (which is actually what they wore daily in those times). This is where the story of little red riding hood was renewed, as the local girls wearing a red cap until they got married presented the perfect visual to extend on this fairy tale. So I guess, growing up in an environment full of history and beauty, inspired me to draw and paint as well. 

Coming to Australia in the early 90’s, I was absolutely fascinated by the environment, the flora and particularly the vast biodiversity in wildlife, with the most unbelievable creatures inhabiting this continent. I wanted to capture this in illustrations and paintings.

I mainly paint Australian wildlife in watercolours, especially Australian birds, which are one of my favourite subjects. I am mainly self-taught but have been fortunate to do a couple of courses over the past years with a renowned watercolour artist. This has helped me refine my techniques. 

Works by Astrid Green