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Creating art from wildlife, landscape, seascapes, figurative to abstract.


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This is a true story of love, romance, friendship and common interests that led to a very close and touching relationship for just on 60 years.

It is a biography about the life of Susanne Green, a child who was brought up in a touch orphanage in the 1940’s. Although her life had a sad and tragic start, she was able to overcome all obstacles in these very early years with her extreme determination and resilience, a real fighter who would never complain about her situation.

Susanne was a person full of charisma. Bright and bubbly for all of her life and always had that infectious smile, big bright eyes and and outstanding personality. She would always give a kind of calming advice to help to others in such a way that is hard to describe. You would have to meet her to understand the aura that seemed to vibe from her. Whoever she met became a friend. She has inspired so many people throughout her lifetime.

She was a very competent landscape artist. Suffering from an aggressive head and neck cancer she fought it in a very positive and determined manner and would always have a smile right to the end.

The first sixteen years of her life were extremely tough and unfortunately so were the last sixteen years. Susanne has left a mark on so many people from all walks of life and always gave her time to all. Susanne passed away on 23 March 2016 when the fight she endured for so long came to an end. She may now rest in peace.

Written by Joe Green